Delicious Words and Pastries: The German Bakery

Walking along the sidewalk on an early morning errand,  I turn and peek through the glass and into the small bakery, already bustling with people despite the early hour. Judging by the lines snaking out of the front door, I’m not the only one who finds the smells of cinnamon, sugar and baking bread in the morning irresistible! Here in Germany the bakery, “die Bäckerei,” is an important part of everyday life. Many Germans begin their day with a trip to the bakery for fresh bread and pastries, and as one of the few  businesses allowed to open on Sunday, bakeries are a popular Sunday morning spot for friends to meet and share a coffee. In addition to the famous breads and pastries, some of the larger German bakeries also serve breakfasts and lunches, as well as a variety of coffees and teas. Many also feature children’s play areas, making them an ideal meet-up spot for families. If you’re planning a trip to Germany in the future, we highly recommend a trip to the local bakery! Here are some of the delicious pastries you can expect to see.

Types of Pastries

  • Berliner– This famous German pastry is made of fried dough and resembles a doughnut without the hole. It is often filled with chocolate or jam and sometimes has a decadent topping, such as sugar or even chocolate candies.
  • Brezel (Pretzel)– This bread pastry needs little introduction. It’s a baked bread twisted into the famous pretzel shape and dusted with salt, and it’s delicious!
  • Puddingbrezel– Pretzel shape, different taste! A sweet pretzel shaped pastry filled with scoops of vanilla pudding.
  • Bienenstich– A dough based dessert topped with caramelized almonds and filled with cream or custard.
  • Franzbrötchen– This dessert from northern Germany resembles a croissant and is baked with cinnamon and butter. It oftentimes contains chocolate chips (my personal favorite!)
  • Schnecke– Yummy sweet bun, the name means “snail” in German due to it’s spiral shape. Comes with a variety of toppings, such as cinnamon, icing, baked apples, strudel and more.
  • Schwarzwälder kirschtorte– Another famous German dessert, known as “Black Forest Cake,” in English. Consists of chocolate cake with cherry filling, and decorated with whipped cream, cherries and chocolate pieces.
  • Zwetschgenkuchen– A delicious dough crust topped with pitted plums. A wonderful fruity cake for summer.
  • Käsekuchen– Cheesecake…different name, same delicious taste!

There are so many tempting options here, and oftentimes we often find ourselves leaving the bakery with one of each! Of course, once you finally do decide what’d you would like, you’re going to have to ask for it! And although many Germans do speak and understand English, they always appreciate it when someone makes the effort to use their language. Here are some common phrases that you may expect to hear, and some that you can use yourself.

Basic Bakery Vocabulary

  • Coffee= Kaffee
  • Bread= Brot
  • Cake= Kuchen
  • Good morning/Hello= guten Morgen/Hallo
  • Good day= guten Tag
  • I would like…= Ich hätte gern…
  • Please= bitte
  • Thank you= danke schön
  • Anything else?= noch etwas dazu?
  • the receipt= die Quittung
  • For here or to go? = für hier oder zum Mitnehmen?
  • Have a nice day= schönen Tag
  • Goodbye=tschüss

Yum! We hope that you’ve enjoyed this list. Now we’re ready to go to the bakery and get some pastries! Until next time!