Grab Your Umbrella!

Rain, rain, won’t you pleeeease go away? We’re not sure how the weather is where you are, but here in Hamburg, Germany it’s raining. A LOT. And it’s been raining…for MANY days. So we’ve got rain on the brain…and now on our flashcards. In honor of the rainy week, we’re sharing what we’re studying right now. Here is the German word for an object that you will almost definitely find yourself using during rainy days—umbrella!

Write a Letter!

Hello everyone! So we know that maybe people don’t write as many letters as they used to, but we still think that there’s something really special about receiving a letter in the mail–and especially when the letter is from a friend! Having some stationery on hand for special occasions is always a good idea, but having some on hand just to say hello is also a great idea. This week’s Monday product spotlight is the perfect card for saying hello, in Chinese! This design features a little girl standing beside a mailbox with a happy blue and pink bird perched on top. The writing reads “Write a letter to a friend,” in traditional Mandarin Chinese characters and in English. The inside is blank, leaving plenty of space for your thoughts! The back features a beautiful letter with the phrase “See you later” in traditional Mandarin Chinese characters and in English. Personalize it with your name so that everyone will know exactly who wrote the note!

The Elegant Fox Makes his Entrance

Elegant Fox Spanish Language PosterHello everyone! So we’re going to start by saying, we love foxes! They’re effortlessly elegant animals, and adding a top hat and a monocle makes them even more fun. So for this Monday’s new product spotlight we’re presenting one of our favorites, the elegant fox (nuestro zorro elegante!) Our fox is featured on posters, T-shirts, pacifiers and bibs, with more to come. With a top hat, monocle, bow tie and elegant suit, he’s truly a dapper gentleman. Combining him with the elegance of the Spanish language makes these products extra special. The Spanish text reads “El zorro más elegante del bosque” which means, “The most elegant fox in the forest.” Look for him on many more designs to come, and follow the link to check him out on Zazzle. com! And as always, keep sending us your feedback, we love hearing from you. Talk soon!

Who am I? The Answer in Six Languages

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week! It’s finally the weekend, and we’re pretty excited. Fridays are the best! Here at Winter in Olympus we’ve been pulling some pretty late nights preparing for the launch of our new products, and we’ve been getting very well-acquainted with the sounds of nocturnal animals like the little guy in the picture above. So, in honor of our long nights we decided to take a break and design this fun image with the word “owl” in 6 different languages. Our owl is a little tired, so we’re sure he’s happy for the reminder! Flashcards are a great way to remember words, and we’re not going to forget this word anytime soon! Check back soon with us for more flashcards and news about our shop! Till then, enjoy your weekend and get some rest!

Sincerely Yours,

Winter in Olympus