This Year I... Free Spanish New Year's Printable

This Year I... Free Spanish New Year's Printable

This Year I... Free Spanish New Year's Printable

Ok, so I know this is late! It's been 2020 now for 17 days already, and I'm just now adding this blog post. I'm sorry! But somehow I like the timing of this just as much. By this date in January a lot of people are feeling down on themselves about their New Year's resolutions (myself included). If you're feeling like you've already failed this year, don't. Get back up and keep trying. This is our year!

This year feels powerful to me. It's not only the beginning of a new year, it's the start of an entirely new decade. There's something very exciting about that. For me, as I know is the case for many, it is a chance to make changes. It's got me thinking a lot about the kinds of things I want to pursue, where I want to put my energy and time, and where I want to create opportunities for growth. 

As I began the year I wanted to find the right words to describe what I wish for myself this decade. I chose three words in Spanish that reflect these goals-- crecer, soñar, and creer. Grow, dream, and believe. To grow professionally and personally, to dream big impossible dreams and chase them fervently, and to believe that it's all possible. I think a life lived that way is a beautiful thing.  

I made this sketch with these three words and hung it on my wall to remind myself of my commitment. I chose this graceful swan to always remember to seek peace in my life. And I love the colors, they're soothing to my mind that's too often full of chaotic thoughts. I've posted this as a free 8.5 x 11 inch printable, and you can download it at the link below. I hope that it brings you peace and good energy into your life as well. 

What are some of the words you use to describe your year and your goals? I also love 加油, in Chinese, which literally means "add oil," meaning come on, you can do it! Rêver, in French, to dream. And one of my favorites, "yo puedo," I can, in Spanish. And now I say to you, tu puedes! You can! I hope your year is off to a great start, and that you're finding happiness and fulfillment at the beginning of this new decade. Here's to fresh starts!

-Winter in Olympus 

~Download your New Year's Printable here!~ 


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