Free Spanish Language Fall Leaves Printable!

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 Hello everyone! I love the fall. It's my absolute favorite season. And although where I live we don't really have a fall season, I still love decorating the house with anything fall related. So this season I decided to make something special incorporating fall colors together with some beautiful Spanish words. 

Here is the result, a Spanish language fall leaves printable, free to download! The design features six leaves: chestnut, maple, ginkgo biloba, rowan, birch and oak, printed with their names in Spanish underneath. I'm not a botanist or even a very good gardener, so please don't judge the accuracy of the leaves too much. I took some artistic license with the design! 

I hope very much that you enjoy decorating your own home this season with things that feel special and bring you energy and fulfillment, and that you'll find something here on our site that will make you happy. Thanks for stopping by and if you download our Spanish Fall Leaves Printable I hope that you enjoy it very much. Have a great day!

-Winter in Olympus 

-Download your Free Spanish Language Fall Leaves Printable Here





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