Spanish English Christmas Free Printable Gift Tags

Spanish English Christmas Free Printable Gift Tags

Spanish English Christmas Free Printable Gift Tags

Hi! Happy Sunday, how is your weekend going? I hope that you’re having a great and fulfilling holiday season. 

In my house December is a really busy time. Between school events, buying gifts, sending cards, and visiting family it feels like the month is a whirlwind. How about you, are you feeling overwhelmed? Sometimes it’s nice to take a moment of calm for yourself. If you’re feeling stressed, I see you. Breathe in, then out. You’ve got this ♥️

One of the challenging things for me about the holidays is choosing the right gifts. It’s a balance of finding the right items, at the right price. I want to get people something that they will really like, and that will be useful to them. Once I have my gifts chosen, then it’s time to wrap them. Have you wrapped your gifts yet? I’ve wrapped about half, but still have quite a few left. I’m always in awe of the beautifully wrapped gifts on Pinterest, and would love to emulate them. Unfortunately though mine never really end up looking at all like the pictures!

  Since we live in a bilingual city on the Mexican border, my kids are in dual language schools. When we give gifts to our teachers we like to capture something of both languages, Spanish and English. We did some Spanish mugs, with some hot cocoa and an ornament. I think they turned out really lovely. 

To wrap the gifts we used some pretty bags and I made some bilingual Christmas gift tags, half in Spanish and half in English. I really like how they looked and my kids’ teachers did too!

A picture of gift tags surrounded by gift wrapping supplies.


I’d like to offer them here as a free download! You can print them on card stock, cut, use a hole punch for the top, and write your names with a sparkly pen. We used a glitter pen for our tags, but make sure the ink dries before you secure with ribbon so it doesn’t smear. Secure with some twine or thin ribbon. 

I’m wishing you a great rest of the holiday season, and lots of happy gift wrapping and giving. 

You can grab your copy of our gift tags here!

Talk soon,

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Wrapped presents with gift tags decorated with cartoon Christmas trees.


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