Happy Earth Day! Free "Feliz Día de la Tierra" Spanish Printable

Happy Earth Day! Free "Feliz Día de la Tierra" Spanish Printable

Happy Earth Day! Free "Feliz Día de la Tierra" Spanish Printable

What do you know about Earth Day? 

Every year on April 22nd, countries around the world mobilize to celebrate Earth Day, a day which recognizes the beginning of the environmental movement. On Earth Day, people come together to plant trees, clean trash, march in support of the environment, and show love and care to the natural world around us. The Earth Day movement is truly a global movement, with over 190 countries and over a billion people involved in celebrating every year! That is amazing!

 Growing up, my fellow students and I celebrated this day in school by planting trees, starting a vegetable/flower garden, and creating art to spread awareness of the importance of caring for our beautiful Earth. My memories of creating Earth Day art to share with my friends and family motivated me to create something for this year! To celebrate this incredible movement, I thought it would be fun to make an Earth Day printable in Spanish! In Spanish, Happy Earth Day is "Feliz día de la Tierra." It would be really fun to print and display this sign in your home or school to highlight this important day. 

Earth Day Poster Image

How do you celebrate Earth Day? In my house we've just started a garden, and watching the seeds grow into plants and flowers has been really special. It makes me feel connected to the Earth, and gives me the opportunity to teach my kids more about nature and about how important it is to take care of our planet. I hope that it will become a yearly tradition for us. 

I hope that however you celebrate, that you will enjoy and have a peaceful and amazing day doing something special. Wishing you a great week and a happy, green Earth Day!

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-Winter in Olympus 

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