Free Spanish Language Printable Summer Flashcards

Free Spanish Language Printable Summer Flashcards

Free Spanish Language Printable Summer Flashcards

Hello everyone! What's the weather like where you live? Where we live in Texas, it is already so HOT! I was really looking forward to enjoying a little bit more of a spring like feeling outside, but the temperature is making that pretty much impossible. Here the splash pads and the pools are open, and everyone is out BBQing and enjoying the warm weather. Bring on the summer I guess! 

I was going to wait a little while to make these, but now that I feel like summer is here I think it's the perfect opportunity! I love making Spanish English flashcards with my kids to celebrate the new season, and summer is no exception. I had so much fun making these and reviewing seasonal words with my boys, summer is a great season with lots of beach related words to learn and review. I've put the flashcards here on my website to download for free. 

The set of flashcards comes with 10 words, with Spanish on the top and English on the bottom and a colorful photo in the center. I hope that they can be useful to you, and that you get a chance to practice some summer Spanish vocabulary with them. If you would like a larger set or want to see more flashcards on other subjects/seasons/holidays, feel free to send me a message and I can make something custom to fit whatever you're looking for. We also sell labels to label toy bins and keep everything organized, check those out here if you're interested. 

I hope that no matter what the weather is like where you are that you are preparing yourself for a wonderful, fun weekend enjoying time with people you care about and doing something that's rewarding (and hopefully relaxing too!) 

Stay cool and talk soon!

-Winter in Olympus 

You can download your flashcards here!


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