Free Spanish-English Arctic Animals Flashcard Printable

Free Spanish-English Arctic Animals Flashcard Printable

Free Spanish-English Arctic Animals Flashcard Printable

Hello! So here where we live in the US winter is almost over. I'm excited for the spring, but it made me realize the year is already passing quickly! And suddenly, I don't have much time left to finish the current project I've been procrastinating on, arctic animal flashcards in Spanish and English for my kids. Knowing the winter is close to over finally motivated me to get these done, and I'm sharing them here with you as a free printable. 

When teaching dual language it can really be challenging to present information in a way that is eye-catching and easy to read, and with these big colorful flashcards I hope that the kids will spend at least a few minutes engaged! It's also fun to work on new vocabulary and to stretch language skills. Even though my first language is Spanish, sometimes I will forget the name of something if it isn't a word I use in my everyday vocabulary. So reviewing the names of these animals was a great exercise for me and my children both! 

The printable includes 10x flashcards with the names of the animals in Spanish and in English and can be downloaded and printed right at home. I recommend printing on cardstock and laminating for a sturdier card. If your kids are anything like mine the cards would be torn up in about 5 seconds on regular paper! I hope that you enjoy these cards, and stay tuned because we're going to be adding more language learning printables all the time. If there is anything special you would like to see more of, please let me know! I've gotten some great suggestions already, and have some more ideas in the works. As always, thank you for your support and for reading. Until next time!

You can download your flashcards here :) 

-Winter in Olympus   

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