A Colorful New Mug for a Fabulous Tía

A Colorful New Mug for a Fabulous Tía

A Colorful New Mug for a Fabulous Tía

There's something special about a wonderful aunt. An aunt is a support system, a friend, a mentor and just a lot of fun! I was so excited to work on this mug and couldn't wait to have it out before Mother's Day. It's a lovely gift for an Aunt, or for anyone in your life who's as close as family. 

In my culture we refer to older friends of our family as Tía (Aunt). I love the image of the colorful coffee pot surrounded by teacups and coffee cups. It is so sweet and reminds me of the love an amazing aunt has for all of her nieces and nephews. As always, this 11oz mug is pressed individually, made to order just for you in our home studio. The mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, printed on both sides, and highly durable. The image will stay bright and beautiful for years, and will not peel. 

This beautiful Tia mug is now for sale here as well as in our Etsy shop. We hope that you enjoy it and get a chance to share with a one of a kind Aunt in your own life. 


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