cropped-asset-9.jpgHello, and welcome to Winter in Olympus! As foreign language teachers, parents and lifelong language learners, we’re constantly seeking to find fun ways to incorporate language learning into daily life. For many years we dreamed of products that would help us to see everyday moments as what they truly were–priceless opportunities to teach, learn and love our children and instill in them a passion for language in all its forms. With this idea in mind we began designing clothing for our friends and neighbors featuring multilingual quotes, words and sayings and soon found that we were having a blast. Winter in Olympus was born!

Here at Winter in Olympus we recognize that everyone’s words are important, no matter what language they use to tell their story.  Through our products and stories we strive to bring a sense of whimsy into the world around us and build a place for fun, positive energy,  and make believe in the process. Our products are available for purchase on Zazzle and Etsy and will soon be available on Amazon. Check back soon for more details! We’re so happy you’re here, thank you!

Sincerely yours,

-Winter in Olympus

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