Friday Flashcard: Spanish Winter Sports Vocabulary

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! Hope that you’re all enjoying your week and are ready for the weekend! We’ll be staying at home for the holidays, but many of our friends and neighbors  are preparing to leave for winter vacations. And one of the most popular choices is a ski vacation! Though outdoor winter sports and activities are a little bit too cold for me, many people enjoy the crisp air and the experience of being outdoors in the elements. So for this week’s Friday flashcard we compiled a list of Spanish winter sports vocabulary words. We know that there are many, many more, but these are some of the ones that we found. What are some of your favorite winter sports? Do you have some words to add to our list? We hope that wherever you are, that you are getting a chance to enjoy some of your favorite pastimes, whether they be indoors or outdoors. Until next time! 

  • winter= invierno 
  • winter sports= deportes de invierno
  • mountains= montañas
  • mountaineering= alpinismo
  • go up= subir
  • go down= bajar
  • to slip= resbalar
  • to ski= esquiar
  • alpine ski= esquí alpino
  • skis= esquís
  • ski boots= botas de esquí
  • ski poles= bastones de esquí
  • ice skating= patinaje sobre hielo
  • figure skating= patinaje artístico
  • speed skating= patinaje de velocidad
  • ice skates= patines de hielo
  • biathlon= biatlón
  • curling= curling 
  • hockey= hockey 
  • the sled= trineo 
  • snow= nieve 

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