Flashcard Friday: Spanish Cold Weather Words

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! We hope that you’re all enjoying your week and are staying warm if it’s chilly where you are. Here in Germany it’s very cold, and getting colder by the day! The holiday season is definitely upon us, and everywhere the streets are filled with holiday shoppers braving the elements…brrrr! We’ve been staying indoors quite a bit lately,  but when we do go outside it’s with a lot of clothing layers on, and our trip often includes a stop for a hot coffee or tea along the way. It’s cold, but the views of the Christmas markets make for a cozy season. 

Unfortunately the colder weather has also brought along some things that are not so nice, and we know a lot of people have been feeling under the weather lately. So, inspired by the dropping temperatures, we decided that this week we would focus our vocabulary list on Spanish cold weather words, trying to think of as many words as we can related to the cold weather season. We hope that you like our list, and wherever you are, that you are enjoying the season and getting the chance to do something that you love, that motivates you and that makes you happy. Until next time! Stay warm! 

  • gloves=guantes
  • mittens= manoplas
  • hat=gorra
  • scarf=bufanda
  • boots=botas
  • coat= abrigo
  • winter= invierno 
  • snow= nieve
  • snowball= bola de nieve 
  • blizzard= tormenta de nieve 
  • snowflake= copo de nieve
  • ice= hielo
  • hail= granizo
  • icicle= carámbano
  • wind= viento 
  • snowman= muñeco de nieve
  • ski= esquí
  • a sled= un trineo
  • it’s cold= hace frío
  • a cold= un resfriado
  • the flu= la gripe
  • chicken soup= sopa de pollo 
  • hot tea= té caliente
  • thermometer= termómetro
  • medicine= medicina 

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