Friday Flashcard: Thanksgiving Dinner Spanish Vocabulary!

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! For those living in the United States, there’s a big holiday coming up this week…Thanksgiving! Many people across the US embrace the opportunity to gather with family and friends, share a lot of good food, and in many families spend an evening watching US football! Growing up, my family enjoyed incorporating Cuban dishes into our Thanksgiving celebration. We ate turkey, but we also ate black beans and rice, yuca con mojo, tostones, and many other delicious dishes.  It always made for a special, unique day that we looked forward to year round. This year we’re living in Germany, and so things are a little different. For one thing, we’re working through the holiday, and secondly, we don’t have many of the ingredients available in our local stores to make some of our favorite dishes. But we’re still excited for the holiday, and we’re planning on celebrating in any way we can! So for the holiday, here are some Thanksgiving dinner Spanish vocabulary words.

Happy Thanksgiving= Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias

friends and family= amigos y familia

eat= comer

share= compartir

turkey= pavo

sweet potato= batata

mashed potato= puré de papas

corn= maíz

green beans= judías verdes

bread= pan

stuffing= relleno

pumpkin pie= pastel de calabaza

plate= plato

fork= tenedor

spoon= cuchara

knife= cuchillo

napkin= servilleta

glass= vaso

US football= fútbol americano

November= noviembre 

Thursday= jueves

We hope that if you celebrate Thanksgiving, that you have a wonderful holiday this week. We wish everyone a happy and restful weekend. Until next week!

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