Friday Flashcard: Spanish Weather Words

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Hope that you’re all enjoying your day and are looking forward to the weekend. Around here the weather lately has been kind of crazy, changing from cold to warm and rainy to sunny and back again. As fall takes hold and winter quickly approaches, we imagine the weather will be getting colder and colder, but so far we’ve been fortunate to still have a few semi-warm days every once in a while! So because of the constantly changing weather, we decided to dedicate this week’s Friday flashcard and vocabulary list to the fickle weather and see how many Spanish weather words we could collect. Here’s our list! How is the weather where you are? What is your favorite type of weather? We enjoy the mild warm weather, but every once in a while we like snow and a cold winter day, it’s the perfect excuse to stay indoors with a hot chocolate or head outside to watch the snowflakes. Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, that you are enjoying the weather and are looking forward to a relaxing and fulfilling weekend doing something that you love. Until next week!

rainbow= arco iris

the rain=la lluvia

to rain= llover 

cloud= nube

cloudy= nublado

fog= niebla

wind= viento

the snow= la nieve

to snow= nevar


tornado= tornado

hail= el granizo

to hail= granizar

the storm= la tormenta

the lightning bolt= el rayo

the sun= el sol

It’s cold= hace frío

It’s hot= hace calor

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