Spanish Flashcard: Fall Colors Vocabulary

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! Hope that you’re all getting a good and relaxing start to your weekend! Here in Germany we like to open the windows in the morning to let in the fresh air . So this morning when I woke up, I opened my curtains to let in the sun and open all of the windows in the house. And immediately I noticed something special. The leaves are changing colors! I love fall colors, and we’re finally starting to see some more of these vibrant reds, yellows and oranges in our neighborhood.  I know that when those leaves finally fall to the ground they’re going to be a lot of work to rake and clean up, but they are beautiful while they’re in the trees! So, inspired by all of these changing colors, I thought for today’s post it would be great to review some colors in Spanish. Not just fall colors, but many different colors! Here’s our list.

   Red= rojo

   Yellow= amarillo


 Purple= púrpura

 Golden= dorado

  Blue= azul 

  Pink= rosado

 Grey= gris

  Orange= naranja

  Brown= marrón

  Black= negro

  White= blanco

What is your favorite color? Do you love fall colors as much as I do? Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, that you are having a great day and are welcoming in the morning  with something special that inspires you. Until next time!