Flashcard Friday: Fall Pumpkins!

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We hope that you’ve enjoyed your week and are looking forward to the weekend. It’s officially fall where we are,  and all around us we’re seeing reminders of the new season. We love the changing leaves, the cooler temperatures and the warm fall scarves, but there is one sign that fall is here that we love the most…there are pumpkins everywhere! From delicious warm pumpkin pastries to pumpkin lattes, to decorations on front porches and to fall craft projects, it’s hard not to leave your house without seeing a pumpkin somewhere! So after exchanging recipes for homemade pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin bread with friends this morning, we knew that our vocabulary word of the week could be none other than our favorite fall symbol. The pumpkin! Here’s our vocabulary list of the word “pumpkin” in a variety of languages. We hope that wherever you are, that you are getting the chance to partake in some of your own favorite traditions and have the chance to do something that you enjoy this weekend. Until next time!


Chinese=南瓜 nánguā








At the Toy Store: Spanish Toy Vocabulary

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! Hope that you’ve all enjoyed the week and are looking forward to the weekend! We’ve had a lot of  birthday gifts to buy lately, and as a result we’ve spent a lot of time in toy stores and browsing for toys online. We never ceased to be amazed by how many  different kinds of toys there are out there, the selection sometimes really makes choosing the perfect gift hard!  Something we’re always happy to see though is a fun toy that helps facilitate language learning. We really enjoy looking for multilingual toys, and we’re excited to see more and more options for parents teaching a second language at home. So today we thought we would compile a list of  Spanish toy vocabulary. There are so many more, but here’s what we thought of! Do you think toys can help you learn a language? What are some of your favorite educational toys? Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, that you get a chance to relax this weekend and to do something that you enjoy. Until next week!

toy=el juguete

stuffed animals=peluches

teddy bear=el osito de peluche 

train=el tren

airplane=el avión

spinning top=el trompo

doll=la muñeca

dollhouse=la casa de muñecas

fire truck=el camión de bomberos

bicycle=la bicicleta

tricycle=el triciclo

dinosaur=el dinosaurio

blocks=los bloques

ball=la pelota

puzzle=el rompecabezas

kite=la cometa

balloon=el globo

rubber duck=el patito de goma

robot=el robot

toy car=el carro de juguete

puppet=el títere

checkers=juego de damas

chess=el ajedrez

book=el libro

Fall Weather and Warm Drinks: Spanish Fall Vocabulary

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We hope that you are all doing well and are ready for the weekend! We don’t know about you, but where we are there is definitely a chill in the air. All around us we see signs that fall is approaching: leaves very slowly beginning to change colors, the temperature dropping, and pumpkin patches opening for the season. There’s something about this time of year that makes us want to indulge in some of our favorite hot beverages: a mug of hot coffee with lots of milk foam and hot apple cider with cinnamon are our two favorites, but there are many other delicious cold weather drinks we’re wanting to try out this season. We just released our fall hot apple cider mug, it’s a sweet way to drink an apple cider (or any other hot drink!) this fall season. You can check it out here.

For this week’s post we thought it would be fun to think up as many fall words as we could. After putting together this list, we’re really ready and excited for the fall season! What are some of your favorite fall words? We hope that wherever you are, that you are ready for the weekend and get the chance to relax and do something that you enjoy. Until next week!

fall=el otoño

orchard=la huerta

harvest=la cosecha

the rake=el rastrillo

leaves=las hojas

sunflower=el girasol

acorn=la bellota

squirrel=la ardilla

scarecrow=el espantapájaros

corn=el maíz

pumpkin=la calabaza

pumpkin pie=el pastel de calabaza

apple= la manzana

cinnamon=la canela

coffee=el café

cider=la sidra

sweater=el suéter

jacket=la chaqueta

scarf=la bufanda

Happy Labor Day: Spanish Picnic Vocabulary!

Hello everyone, and happy Saturday! Today we’re enjoying the beginning of Labor Day weekend, and the last of the summer! This weekend many people will be getting outside to make the most of the weather and of the opportunity for outdoor activities. One of our favorite Labor Day weekend activities is to get outside and have a picnic! So we thought for this week’s post we would make a list of Spanish picnic vocabulary.  There are lots of great picnic foods that are perfect for the grill, and we can’t wait to do some cooking and then get outdoors to enjoy them. What are some of your favorite Labor Day activities? How about some of your favorite picnic foods? We hope that wherever you are, that you are enjoying your weekend and getting a chance to rest and spend time doing something that you love. Until next week!

ant=la hormiga

the fly=la mosca

picnic=el pícnic

food=la comida

basket=la cesta

hamburger=la hamburgesa

hot dog=el perro caliente

salad=la ensalada

potato salad=la ensalada de papa

corn=el maíz

sandwich=el sándwich

watermelon=la sandía

chocolate cake=el pastel de chocolate

cookie=la galleta

outdoors=al aire libre

tree=el árbol

sky=el cielo

rain=la lluvia

sun=el sol

kite=la cometa

bicycle=la bicicleta