Back to Class: Spanish School Vocabulary!

Hello everyone, and happy Tuesday! Summer’s winding down, and a lot of people are heading back to class for a new school year. So this week we’ve decided to focus a little bit more on back to school and back to school Spanish vocabulary words.  Today more and more classrooms and students are bilingual, and there are a lot of words that are useful for everyday class. We’ve compiled a list of some of the ones we could find, and we’re adding to the list  as we think of more! If you’re one of the students heading back to school soon, we wish you a happy and productive school year, and to everyone else, we wish you lots of luck and happiness in whatever your new endeavors may be.  See you next time!

school=la escuela

notebook=el cuaderno

pencil=el lápiz

pencil sharpener=el sacapuntas

paper=el papel

folder=la carpeta

pen=el bolígrafo

calculator=la calculadora

scissors=las tijeras

book=el libro

printer=la impresora

chalk=la tiza

eraser=el borrador

chalkboard=la pizarra

clock=el reloj

desk=el escritorio

chair=la silla

homework=la tarea



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