Happy Read Across America Day!- Time to Grab a Book!

Happy Friday everyone, we hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week and are looking forward to the weekend! Today is a great day, because not only it’s Friday (yay!), but also because it’s March 2,  aka Read Across America Day! Today parents and educators across the country will join the National Education Association (NEA) in promoting and celebrating reading in schools and homes across the country. It’s an event that we really love, not only because we love to read, but because we believe that reading is an amazing and positive influence on a young mind. If you’re interested in learning more, click here for more information from the NEA’s website. To celebrate the day we made a fun reading flashcard which means “to read,” or “leer,” in Spanish. There are many great bilingual and multilingual books perfect for joining in Read Across America Day, check out our Pinterest boards for some great reading lists we’ve saved from across the web.  We hope that wherever you are, that you are able to take some time this Friday and this weekend to do something you love, and hopefully get a chance to read a great book. Until next week!