Happy Friday- A German Flashcard for a Sunny Day

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! We hope that you are all having a great week, and are ready for an even better weekend! This week we’re really excited, because the sun’s been out a lot lately and it’s starting to feel a little bit like spring! We haven’t been able to stop thinking about getting outdoors and enjoying the nice weather, and so this week’s Friday flashcard was an obvious choice for us. So today we have a German flashcard, “die Sonne” in German, or “the sun” in English. Seeing the bright colors makes us really excited for warm weather and more time exploring the outdoors. Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, that you have a good weekend with a chance to relax and to do something you enjoy. Until next week!

Let’s Fly a “Cometa”: A Spanish Kite Flashcard

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! We thought long and hard about what we wanted to make for today’s Friday flashcard. Because as it turns out, February 9th is actually a pretty great day for food holidays. Pizza Pie Day, Chocolate Day and National Bagel Day, there were so many choices!! And in celebration, lots of restaurants are giving away freebies, so check them out. Because who doesn’t love freebies, especially pizza ones? Despite how delicious all of these other holidays sounded, we decided that the holiday we were most excited about was actually yesterday, on February the 8th. National Kite Flying Day! We’ve been thinking a lot about spring lately, and dreaming about warmer weather and time outdoors. A flying kite is a beautiful and peaceful sight, and so relaxing for your mind and spirit. So here is our flashcard, a flying kite, or “la cometa,” in Spanish. We already feel like spring is a little bit closer 🙂 Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, that you’re having a great day and are ready for a good weekend. Until next week!


Six More Weeks of Winter? A Happy Groundhog Day Chinese Flashcard!

Happy Friday everyone! So as many of you likely know by now,  Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog, has seen his shadow! According to folklore, this means that we can expect another six weeks of winter. We don’t know how much we really buy into this old tradition, but we do think it’s fun to wonder! But regardless of whether or not Phil saw his shadow, we thought making a groundhog flashcard would be a great way to commemorate the day. So here is our groundhog, and today our flashcard vocabulary word is in Chinese. The Chinese word for groundhog is 土拨鼠, pronounced tǔ bō shǔ.  So are we really in for six more weeks of cold weather? Where we are in Germany, the weather is actually getting warmer, so we certainly hope that there are no more cold winter surprises in store for us! What do you think about the groundhog tradition? Fact or fiction? Either way, we hope that wherever you are that you enjoy your Friday and have a great weekend. Until next week!