Let Them Eat Chocolate Torta: A Spanish Cake Flashcard

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you’ve all had a good week, and are looking forward to the weekend. We’d like to share a special holiday with you, one that we’re sure you’re going to think is a lot of fun. So today’s Friday flashcard is technically not for today, but for tomorrow! You see, January 27th is an especially delicious holiday, and one we just couldn’t pass up. January 27th is Chocolate Cake Day, and we’re REALLY excited to celebrate with a trip to our local bakery.  What a great holiday! In addition to celebrating by eating some chocolate cake, we also decided to indulge by making a chocolate cake Spanish flashcard. In Spanish chocolate cake is “torta de chocolate.” We think it sounds delicious in Spanish and in English!  If you’re not a fan of chocolate cake or of desserts in general, celebrate the day by indulging in something that makes you happy. For us, the day has inspired us to look through our list of Spanish desserts and see if we can find some time to try a new recipe this weekend! Wherever you are and however your’re spending your Saturday, we hope that you’re doing something you love and getting the chance to learn something new. Until next week!

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