Rainy Days, días de lluvia- A Rainy Day Spanish Language Flashcard

Hello everyone, and Happy Friday! Here at Winter in Olympus we’re so happy that it’s finally the weekend, and we hope that you will all have a chance during these next few days to get some much needed rest! We’ve mentioned before how rainy it is where we are in Germany, and January is turning out to be no exception. Rain, rain, rain, the rain is constant! But although we can’t be outside as much as we would like, rainy days are a great opportunity to catch up on chores, read a book, try a new activity or curl up with a blanket and a cozy mug (one of our favorite mugs for a cold rainy day). In our house we like to make a little bit of time to review some of our language flashcards and learn some new words. Today’s language flashcard is one that we feel is very relevant for the rainy weather, “la lluvia,” or “the rain” in Spanish. It’s a great vocabulary word that is going to be useful to us in the next few months, as cold winter slowly turns to rainy spring. There are many ways to make the best of rainy days, what are some of your favorites? No matter where you are and what the weather is like, we hope that you are enjoying your Friday and finding a little time to learn something new or to do something you enjoy. Have a very happy weekend!

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