Real World Language- The Exit is this Way!

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday, hope that you are all doing well and enjoying your week! This week we were lucky enough to find another super useful bilingual sign for you in a parking garage in Hamburg, Germany. This sign shows the direction of the exit for vehicle traffic, as well as the direction for parking. Both are very handy for navigating around, especially when driving! What bilingual or multilingual signs have you seen lately? Which ones have you found useful? Wherever you are, we hope that you are having a wonderful week and are finding time to learn something new! Until next time!


11/6/2017 Shop Spotlight- One Tough Turkey!

Hello everyone! Hope that you all enjoyed your weekend and are ready to face Monday! For this Monday’s shop spotlight we have a really fun product for a holiday that is fast approaching…Thanksgiving! Our turkey is proud of his Thanksgiving dinner survivor prowess, and he’s showing it! He’s a great addition to any Thanksgiving dinner outfit, and will be sure to brighten up the festivities. You can check him out here at our shop on Etsy. Until next time, we wish you all a wonderful week, and a Happy Monday!

Happy Sandwich Day…yum!

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today is a delicious holiday, and one that we look forward to all year long. It’s Sandwich Day! Sandwiches, those convenient staples for people on the go are near and dear to our busy hearts. So here is a colorful flashcard in honor of our favorite lunch food, the “sandwich” in English, or “三明治 (sānmíngzhì) in Chinese. If you have the chance, run out to your favorite sandwich shop and see if they have any special deals for the day (check out this article from to see if any of your favorite places are offering free sandwiches today!) Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, that you are enjoying your Friday. Until next week!

¡Feliz viernes a todos! Esperamos que todos hayan pasado una semana fantástica. Hoy es un día de fiesta muy especial, ademas de ser un día muy rico. ¡Feliz día del sandwich a todos! A nosotros nos encantan los sandwiches, porque son muy ricos y muy convenientes para los que estan siempre muy ocupados. Por eso les presentamos hoy una tarjeta didáctica con un rico “sandwich” en ingles, o “三明治 (sānmíngzhì)” en chino. Esperamos que dónde quiera que estén, queridos lectores, que disfruten de este fin de semana y que tengan la oportunidad de comerse un sandwich muy rico. ¡Hasta pronto!

Real World Language-Elevators in Berlin


Hello everyone, and happy Wednesday! We love sharing the language photos we find in our daily lives, and we particularly love today’s  because it’s bilingual! This sign is located in the Mall of Berlin, and it’s such a great way to learn two new vocabulary words in both English and in German. Here’s to hoping that wherever you are in the world, that you’re enjoying your Wednesday and are finding lots of opportunities to learn something new!