Teaching Spanish to a Baby

Hello everyone! As a Cuban- American mom living in Germany, I’m always thinking about ways to use Spanish to teach new words and ideas in fun ways. With little babies and toddlers it’s very difficult to plan anything long or in-depth, so I find that a simple game a day to reinforce concepts is really helpful! Recently we’ve been teaching the concept of “inside, outside, dentro and fuera,” as well as shapes, colors and numbers with the use of blocks and cubes. We practice taking the shapes in and out of the different cubes, using the pictures of the shapes below as a guide. Of course there are many more shapes and colors you can use, but I find that we don’t usually get much further than a few iterations with the different shapes. But that’s perfectly fine! Practicing languages while building important skills is a great way to teach your child (and sometimes yourself!) something new. What are some of the ways that you teach languages and learn languages in your own daily life? Let us know more about it, we love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Wherever you are, we hope that you’re enjoying your week and finding a little time for learning something new. Until next time!


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