10/30/2017 Shop Spotlight- Spanish “Cafecito” Mug Perfect for Monday Coffee!

Hello everyone, and happy Monday! This week’s shop spotlight is an adorable reminder that a hot, comforting beverage is a delicious way to start the morning. In our house we love coffee and a good strong cafecito, but also tea, hot cider and during the holiday season even a lovely mug of German glühwein during the cold months (try this recipe from Happy Kitchen. Rocks to make your own!) This sweet mug is a favorite for us, and always makes the morning a little more cheerful. We’ll be adding more mugs soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our “cafecito” mug here. Enjoy your Monday everyone!

Happy Halloween with a Happy Spider!

Happy Friday everyone! We hope that you’ve all had a great week! Halloween is almost here (so hard to believe how fast the time flies!) and our vocabulary word of the week is one that fits perfectly with the Halloween theme. Our new word is “Spider” in English, and “araña” in Spanish. We know that a lot of people don’t like spiders, but our spider is very friendly, in addition to being very stylish! We hope that wherever you are, that you enjoy your weekend and have a very Happy Halloween! Happy studying everyone!

¡Feliz viernes a todos! Esperamos que todos hayan pasado una semana fantástica. El día de Halloween ya esta casi por llegar, y nuestra palabra nueva de la semana es una que encaja perfectamente con la tema. Nuestra palabra nueva es “araña,” o “spider” en ingles. Aunque a muchos no les gustan las arañas, nuestra pequena araña es muy simpactica, ademas de tener mucho estilo. Esperamos que dónde quiera que estén, queridos lectores, que disfruten de este fin de semana y que pasen un feliz día de Halloween.

Fall Leaves and a Festive Citrouille (Pumpkin)

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week! This Friday’s flashcard is for something we’ve been seeing a lot of since fall began here– a pumpkin, or “citrouille” in French. Seeing all of the beautiful orange pumpkins is one reason that we love fall as much as we do. Here’s to hoping that you’re enjoying your own beautiful season wherever you are. Until next week!

¡Feliz viernes a todos! Esperamos que todos hayan pasado una semana fantástica. Nuestra palabra nueva es una fruta que vemos mucho desde que empezó el otoño, la calabaza, o “citrouille” en francais. Las calabazas son unas de las razones que nos gusta tanto el otoño. Esperamos que dónde quiera que estén, queridos lectores, que disfruten de este fin de semana.

Teaching Spanish to a Baby

Hello everyone! As a Cuban- American mom living in Germany, I’m always thinking about ways to use Spanish to teach new words and ideas in fun ways. With little babies and toddlers it’s very difficult to plan anything long or in-depth, so I find that a simple game a day to reinforce concepts is really helpful! Recently we’ve been teaching the concept of “inside, outside, dentro and fuera,” as well as shapes, colors and numbers with the use of blocks and cubes. We practice taking the shapes in and out of the different cubes, using the pictures of the shapes below as a guide. Of course there are many more shapes and colors you can use, but I find that we don’t usually get much further than a few iterations with the different shapes. But that’s perfectly fine! Practicing languages while building important skills is a great way to teach your child (and sometimes yourself!) something new. What are some of the ways that you teach languages and learn languages in your own daily life? Let us know more about it, we love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Wherever you are, we hope that you’re enjoying your week and finding a little time for learning something new. Until next time!


Today is the Day to Train Your Brain!

Hello everyone, hope that you’ve all had a lovely week! Today we’re celebrating a day that we think is particularly special…National Train Your Brain Day! What a great holiday! We think it’s genius! We like to keep our brains working hard by studying foreign languages and making flashcards, but there are lots of ways you can keep your mind sharp. Solving puzzles, writing, reading, working on your favorite hobby or pastime, building something, these are all great ways to keep your mind active! In honor of the day, we decided to make a flashcard celebrating that all-important brain, or “cerebro,” in Spanish. Here’s to hoping that wherever you are, you’re enjoying building that brain power. Have a wonderful weekend!

¡Feliz viernes a todos! Esperamos que todos hayan pasado una semana fantástica. Hoy estamos celebrando un día de fiesta muy especial, el día de entrenar su cerebro. ¡Que día más divertido! A nosotros nos gusta mantener nuestros cerebros en forma estudiando idiomas y dibujando tarjetas didácticas, pero hay muchas maneras de mantener su cerebro activo. Armar un rompecabeza, dibujar, leer, escribir, todas son actividades buenas para el desarollo y salud del cerebro. Para celebrar el día, nosotros hemos dibujado una tarjeta didáctica con la imagen de un cerebro, o “brain” en ingles. Hoy es un día perfecto para hacer unas actividades para mantener ágil la mente. Esperamos que dónde quiera que estén, queridos lectores, que disfruten de este fin de semana.


We (and our sombreros de copa) are all mad here…Happy Mad Hatter Day!

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Here at Winter in Olympus we love holidays, and today’s an especially fun one. So get out your tea set and top hat, it’s Mad Hatter Day! We love Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland, and any holiday that gives us an excuse to drink tea from our favorite tea pot and make top hat related flashcards is alright with us. So grab your top hat, “sombrero de copa” in Spanish, and go celebrate Mad Hatter Day…enjoy the weekend everyone!

¡Feliz viernes a todos! Esperamos que todos hayan pasado una semana fantástica. Nos encantan los días de fiesta, y hoy es un día de fiesta muy divertido. Es la hora de tomarse un te y ponerse su sombrero de copa, porque hoy es el día del sombrero loco. A nosotros nos gusta mucho la novela de fantasía escrita por Lewis Carroll,  Alicia en el país de las maravillas, y un día de fiesta que nos presenta la oportunidad de tomar te de nuestra tetera favorita y dibujar tarjetas didácticas con imagenes de sombreros de copa nos gusta aún más. Entonces ponse su sombrero de copa o “top hat” y celebra el día del sombrero loco. Esperamos que dónde quiera que estén, queridos lectores, disfruten de este fin de semana.